How to Rotate Video Clips in Windows Video Converter

Rotate is to adjust the appropriate perspective of viewing videos. Probably it is also of assistance for you to find distinct glittering points. To name solely a few, you could straighten inverted figure in videos by rotating videos.


Step1:Open tool

1. Click "+" in the middle of the window and select the video in the window.

The other way is to check the video and drag it into the rounded rectangle in Windows Video Converter.


2. Click “ Rotate445.png Tools” at the top right of the form to open the tool “Rotate”.


3. Then it automatically jumps out of a window to rotate the video.


Step2:Rotate the video

There is a column at the top of video display area that is the tool for rotating the video.


You can click 18.jpg and 19.jpg button to rotate the video 90 degrees counterclockwise and clockwise.

You can click 22.jpg and 23.jpg button to flip horizontal and flip vertical.


1. To get the video back to the beginning, click "Reset" to the right of the top left video name.



Step3:Preview and adjust

Click the "play" button to watch video rotation effect and repeat the second step to tinker up the video steering.


Finally, you need to click "Save" button to back to the main window.


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