How to
choose the output format in Windows Video Converter

The output format can be divided into video formats, devices formats, audio formats and popular formats in Windows Video Converter.


Video formats:

MP4, a multimedia computer file format, is most commonly used to store digital audio and video, which benefits you in broadcasting high-quality videos directly and viewing pictures.


MOV, an audio video file format, which is used to store commonly used digital media forms. It is supported by many multimedia editing and video processing software.


AVI, a file format, synchronously combines voices and images. It is widely used to save all kinds of video information such as TV,movies,etc and is principally applied on multimedia discs. Its benefit lies in the use across multiple platforms.


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Audio formats:

MP3 is a popular digital audio coding and lossy compression format. The compressed files can reach the effect of close to the original audio source when they are played back.


M4a is the mpeg-4 audio standard file extension, which is widely used in Apple devices. Apple uses an audio file in M4a format in its itunes and ipod to distinguish a video in mpeg4 format.


WMV is a streaming media format. It is exceedingly suitable for online dissemination and transmission due to the extremely small volume. Wmv files can contain both video and audio parts and allow audio to synchronize with video playback.


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Devices formats:

Device formats can be used on Apple and Android, as well as on mobile devices such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, LG, Google, Sony and televisions, game consoles and other electronic devices.


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Popular formats:

Popular formats include MOV(HD 1080p)、MP4(HD 1080p)、AVI(HD 720p)、MKV(HD 1080p)and so on.

The format in the “Popular” column is configured. The specific formatting properties are marked below format names.


Output format1839.png 

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