How to Crop Video Clips in Windows Video Converter

Crop is to cut off excess parts of the video with the aim of bringing the size and position to the desired state.


Step1:Open tool

1. Click "+" in the middle of the window and select the video in the window. The other way is to check the video and drag it into the rounded rectangle in Windows Video Converter.7.jpg

2. Click “ Crop352.png Tools” at the top right of the form to open the tool “Crop”.


3. Then it automatically jumps out of a window to crop the video.


Step2:Drag wireframe

1. Move the mouse over the four corners of the dashed wireframe, and you will see double arrows at this point.


2. Drag the dashed wireframe to your satisfaction or fill in and adjust the values about crop settings to determine the size and location of the wireframe.


1. If you want to crop the video at the same scale, you can Tick "Keep Aspect Ratio" in crop settings. If you set the value on one side, the value on the other side will change according to the original scale.


2. To get the video back to the beginning, click "Reset" to the right of the top left video name.



 Step3:Preview and enhance

1. Click the "play" button to watch video crop effect and repeat the second step to tinker up the size and position of the wireframe.


2. Finally, you need to click ”Save” button to back to the main window.


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