How to Add Video effect in Windows Video Converter

Effect is to embellish videos with filters and modification on brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, speed for a better appreciation of the experience.


Step1:Open tool

1. Click "+" in the middle of the window and select the video in the window.

The other way is to check the video and drag it into the rounded rectangle in Windows Video Converter.


2. Click “ Video effect378.png Tools” at the top right of the form to open the tool “Effects”.


3. Then it automatically jumps out of a window to add effects to the video.


Step2:Add effects

There are four parameters which contain Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Temperature offering you aid on alternation. In addition, manifold Filters are also available for you to realize various special effects of the video.


Add effects:

1. Drag the small round button on the right or left until you consider it at the most optimized state.


2. Scroll up and down to view and select the appropriate filter.



Details of parameters:

The range of brightness could be adjusted in -255 ~ 255.

The range of contract, saturation and temperature could be adjusted in -100 ~ 100.



Step3:Preview and enhance

Click the "play" button to watch video effect and repeat the second step to tinker up the size of the numeric vale and change filters.


You need to click  "Save" button to back to the main window.


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